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I know I am late on this since the season is clearly underway. However I wanted to get this started early, so I can build on this list for next years draft. I’ve been running a fantasy football league since about 2013. I’ve had different names, players, failures, and lots of frustration. I’ll talk about some of the things that can help make your league successful, and keep the players engaged.


The most important part is getting people to commit in advance, this saves you some time of having to find last-minute ringers(trust me it still happens). I like to contact the players that showed interest at least 3 months before. I will follow-up again with another call or text a month before, and once more the week before the draft. I know it sounds like a lot, but in reality people have busy lives and shit comes up. It happens and its understandable.  You want to get a proper head count so you know if you want to go 10-12-14 league team.

Pay Up

So once you gained everyone’s commitment you have to get people to pay, obviously skip this step if your league is for fun and no incentives are involved. Get people to pay early, you can either have them send you money using Zelle, Paypal, Cash app, Venmo, or straight up cash. If you can manage to get at least 50% funded before the draft it really sets you at ease. It makes the draft that less stressful. There is so many payment options these days that there really is no reason not to have people pay their dues.

What do I need?
I’ll break this all down below on some essential items that you will need. Note the first two items will depend on whether you want a physical board or a digital option.

For my fantasy football drafts we like to use a physical board. However, basketball since it’s a longer draft, we tend to use the digital format via the app or online browser.

Also sometimes not everyone is available that same day because things comes up, so the app or even drafting over the phone or text are on option.

Physical Draft board

You can purchase one from amazon, I’ll link here the board that we have used in the past and it holds up nice and can be used for years to come. http://a.co/d/ddG359I

Cast/Mirror to your TV!

This was used in my latest draft. It was great, I used apple TV to mirror what was on my iPad to big screen in my living room. What I used was  a table setup outside with the iPad, where players could draft their players, research stats as well using RotoWire. This worked great because everyone inside could see the selection and you can hear everyone talking shit outside. Super entertaining lol.

Recommended Apps

RotoWire – We like to use this app in particular because it saves your draft results. You can update if it’s a PPR league, or standard. Most importantly it lets me cast it to my television. This way you dont have to worry about purchasing new stickers for the draft board. This app cost about $4.99 which i purchase every year, good value.


ESPNYahoo, and NFL.com all have great platforms. We personally use Yahoo.


This is pretty simple, just make sure you tell everyone to bring a case of beer. Food is potluck style, everyone brings something and you will be fine for the whole night. I’ll post at another time an article on some stuff I like to make for my friends.


What I do as part of my league dues, is allocate some funds to purchase some cool stuff. The champion of my league for 4th & Juan gets a championship belt that i purchase from. http://www.FantasyJocks.com , these guys are great, good quality, fast shipping and great customer service.

Group Chat –

It’s important to have a group chat, remind users to mute updates if it disturbs at work since 12 people texting each other can be overwhelming. Update users on Sunday morning (Saturday night for London games) and on Thursday morning. Also a great way to talk about trades and stuff like that.

Have fun

Just have fun with the league, don’t take shit too seriously, bullshit with people. Talk crap, make it engaging. Thanks for reading


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