4th & Juan Fantasy football league

Its been an exciting season to say the least, competitive and engaging. 4th & Juan is on year number 3 and running smoothly. We are getting pretty deep into the season and the standing are starting to shake up a bit. Fantasy Football!

The standings are looking a bit more diversified compared to last year. We only have two damn Angulo brothers in the top 4 for the playoff spots. It’s been a collective effort to bring them down and bring on a new wearer of the belt.

Current Fantasy Football Standings

1.) RedHot Jabrilli peppers – Armando – 7-1

2.) Saquon My Balls – Joel – (Defending Champ) 6-2

3.) Your Mom – Steve 5-3

4.) 2 Gurleys 1 Kupp – Michael (2016 Champ) 5-3

5.) iChief- Javier (admin) 4-4

6.) Le’Cub – Ricardo 4-4

7.) Shoe me dem TD’s – Anthony 4-4

8.) Why Ju Mad? – Mario 4-4

9.) End Zone Amore – Guillermo3-5

10.) Vajayjay Twatt – Nick 3-5

11.) Hery’s Team – Hery 3-5

12.) Turn down 4 Watt 0-8 (aka Browns)

Week 9 Notes

This week is crucial week. The top slot belonging to Armando seems pretty secure for the time being. HOwever the play for number 3-4 are pretty tight. We have Steve and Ponzo with a tie at 5-3, and 4 teams tied with a 4-4 record!

Guillermo’s squad is not out of this quite yet, he can join his brothers Joel and Armando with just a few wins and we can have a repeat of last year with 3 Angulo brothers being in the final 4.

Notable defeats

Joel with a close win over Steve, Big win , securing the number two spot for him.

This week were Hery taking out Guillermo, nobody would of saw that coming early this season, Hery has his notifications set to on this year for sure. Ricardo staying alive with a decisive win over Javier, keeping him alive in the playoff race as well.

Waiver Wire Diamonds

This season the waiver wire has been really active, with some gems being picked out of no where. Steve was able to pick up Marlon Mack, RB from IND. Mack was able to secure Steve 27.90 points, what a pick up. This pick up was huge since LeSean McCoy has been so dissapointing this year.

Director of Petty affairs Armando picked up a solid  RB early in the season with James Conner , who has been an absolute workhorse for the Steeler’s offense.

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