Blockbuster trade between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers. Butler made it evident he did not want to be there and he was not going to resign. The Minnesota front office did a great job securing solid pieces and draft pics. Not bad since Jimmy was pretty much going to be a rental at this point.

Philadelphia was well-regarded to be either the 2nd or 3rd best team in the east behind the Toronto Raptors and the Boston Celtics.  Having a 3rd superstar this early in the season was a smart move. The way I see it, you now have the whole season to mesh and get things right. The versatility of Butler along with Ben Simmons is really going to make it matchup nightmare. Simmons can virtually play 1-4 and Butler can play 2/3.

No lack of characters.

This team has everything. Talent , youth, athletes and social media trolls. Joel Embid is well, I think he’s kinda a jerk, but he’s hilarious on social media. Remember when he trolled Mo Bamba after he owned him? Welcome to the NBA type moment.  Butler also loathes in being the bad guy. When the Minnesota whole crowd  booed him and he welcomed it and it actually fuled him.

Ben Simmons is also known to be full of himself. I know it sounds like I am going off on rant of these players and labeling them as just jerk offs, but I’ll be clear I like it! In my opinion these are all kind games. What matters is what happens in that locker room, do the players respect you? Do they want to mirror your work ethic ? Do you bring out the best in everyone ?


In Minnesota , at least for Butler this was not true. With a new chapter , new team , new situation, Butler will have the opportunity to showcase his talents and see how he meshes with those characters in that locker room.

How does this affect you in fantasy though ? I think whenever there’s a big trade, no matter the league, players usually have a decent debut, should be a decent amount of turnovers just because it’s a chemistry building. I do think Butler will excel in scoring. There no one go to scorer that can get you a bucket when you need it. Embid isn’t there yet , Simmons isn’t there , and Fultz….lets just see him get healthy first.


Javier Perez



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