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Wont do this too often, but wanted to post one of my affiliate links. This product is actually one that i personally use, I was actually pleasantly surprised that there was an affiliate option and my website was approved to carry on with it.

I’ll keep it simple

If you have sensitive skin,dry skin, or don’t like using bottle soaps like myself, I think you would love this product. One of my favorite things is that they have several different scents, all which i personally like. I would recommend using the quiz on the site and it will recommend the right type of bar for your type of skin. You can choose from bars that will give extra lather, or the opposite.


They are really affordable and offer different options. You can buy one time up front, or you can get what they call a “soapscription” which starts at $7/month with free shipping right now. Also if you use the link posted at the bottom of the website it will get you a discount as well. You can choose the frequency from monthly or quarterly, i do quarterly since it gives me the best savings.

Other Products

They offer other things besides bar soaps,  they carry shaving products and shampoo and conditioner as well. I believe most of their products are also organic. That is kind of how i found these guys a few years ago since i was having issues with the type of water in my home, made my skin dry. Googled organic soap and i found them! Never used a different soap since then.  One important thing, a bar of soap last me at least 2-3 weeks, so they seem pricey at first but they last a long ass time.

Help Support

If you use my link at the bottom of the site or the one i’ll link on this post by clicking on the image, it will link you to my affiliate link which will give you a discount and help support this site. Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you decide to purchase thank you as well. It’s an honest product, I wouldn’t have posted a link to this if I didn’t believe in it.

Click here to purchase

Click here to take the Soap quiz and see what type of soap Dr. Squatch recommends.

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