4th & Juan Fantasy football league

What a week!

Hell of a week is a understatement. I’ve been playing fantasy football for a long ass time and have never seen it so close like this. It was an incredible to see all the engagement on the 4th & Juan fantasy football group chat, and how competitive everyone has been. Even Taco ( Erick). 


1ArmandoRedHot Jabrilli9-1W3
2SteveYour Mom6-4L1
3Michael2 Gurleys 1 Kupp6-4W1
4JoelSaquon My Balls6-4L2
5MarioWhy Ju Mad?6-4W3
6AnthonyShow me dem TD's6-4W4
8GuillermoEnd Zone Amore4-6L1
9NickVajayjay Twatt4-6L1
11HeryHery's Team4-6W1
12ErickNo Money Manziel0-10L10

Incredible, as you can see besides Armando it’s really up in the air for the last 3 play off positions. Hery made it very interesting by beating Steve this week, making it 5 players with a 6-4 record. Trubisky just balled for him netting him 36 points alone. His TE Ebron, with 26.6.

Hot Streak

Anthony has also made an amazing come back this season, he’s on a hot streak with 4 straight wins. Really nice season he’s been having, as the 4th & Juan rookie. He’s facing me this week, and this is a make and break for both of us. Mario also on a nice streak with 3 in a row, making a nice run towards the end of the season and into the playoffs. He’s been a waiver monster making multiple moves every week. Those podcast have finally came in handy for my boy.

Key Match Ups

This week we have two 6-4 teams going up against each other, Joel v Ponzo. This deep in the season every win is crucial. For Joel he has Gurley playing the Chiefs at home field now. Kansas City does not have a very strong defense and Gurley will more than likely go off on this much-anticipated shoot out between two of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. He also has Travis Kelce in this match up.

Ponzo is really going to have to grind this one out. His team is solid, but they are all facing solid defenses this week. Big Ben and JuJu are going up a solid Jacksonville defense. He’s going to have to lean heavily on Zeke blowing up against the Falcons in the dome. Not really liking the outcome of this one for Ponzo, Yahoo does show Ponzo as the projected winner though, so who knows!


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