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Week 11 Recap

Week 11 ended with a bang with an incredible, mind blowing Monday night match-up between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams, at the Coliseum in Los Angeles. Going into the week we already had multiple people tied with the same record and this past weeks results were going to narrow down the playoff competition. We are going to break down some of the major games from week 11, and some details of how we are looking going into week 11, and the race to the play offs.

Week 11 Match-up Results

Champ v Champ

One of the most exciting match ups going into this weekend was seeing the two only champions for the league going up against each other. Both Ponzo and Joel had the exact same record going into the week with 6-4, fighting for the 2nd spot in the play off race. What had promised to be a close match-up , ended up being a blowout from Ponzo. He took out Joel 152.38 to 89.94 From that Monday night showdown, Gurley only netted Joel 10.9 points, the Rams areal assault, and the Chiefs stopping the run made it a tough night for the MVP candidate. 

Why Ju Mad?

Mario also had a really nice week, being able to hand Armando his second loss of the season. The previous two champions of this league have both gone 13-1, that streak ended last week. Armando is still sitting pretty at the number 1 spot. With Last weeks win Mario now has the number 3 spot on lock. He does have the same record as Ponzo, the only thing separating them is points for.

Staying alive

Rounding off the 4th and final playoff spot is Steve. Steve went up against Ricardo this week, two experienced Fantasy Football players that always make exciting moves off the wire. Steve has been dominating the boards all season, leading all owners in points for. Unfortunate for him he faces managers that have their absolute best weeks against him. Ricardo was able to edge out Steve 15.12 to 122.22. The Monday night show down had fantasy implications for both squads. Even with that amazing game, Steve was not able to come back since Ricardo had Goff and Reynolds in that showdown. 

Week 12 Match-ups 

4th & juan week 12 standings
Week 12 Matchups

Going into week 12 we now have weeded out some of the competition, and now have players trying to spoil the season for someone else. Mario is facing Erick this week, Erick has not gave up on the season and really wants to end the season with at least 1 win. He also hopes to mess up someones season on the way out. Steve and Armando have been very petty towards each other all season long, they face each other this week. Mando playoff picture is fine, Steve really needs this win to stay alive.  Javi vs Guillermo is going to be a good match up. Guillermo a watch thief, going up against the commissioner. Guillermo looks to spoil Javi’s season with a win this week. 


Thanks again everyone, lets end the season strong

Javier Perez


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