The Season is young

Going into our first season in this league, and in unknown territory. This league is a keepers league,and we also added an IR spot. The difference between this league and our brother league 99 problems, is scoring, and that you can keep a player form this season, and carry him over to the next. We look forward to testing our score settings, IR spot and how the keeper works the following season. Here is your week 6 update for Basketball Never Stops.

Division 1 Standing

So maybe fantasy football is not his thing, but basketball sure as hell is, leading the way we have Erick aka Dadz. Having a very narrow lead over Menelik, the difference between the two managers is a tie vs a loss. Erick ended his nice win steak last week as he tied with Javi.

Erick’s young squad of guards has been carrying his team all season long. High scoring guards like Damian Lillard, Eric Bledsoe and DeMar DeRozan have been helping him all season long. Hitting high percentage shots, volume threes and stacking the stat line. 

This week he is facing Anthony’s team that has gone 1-4 this season. 

Division 2 Standing

Leading the division at number one and the last manager with a unblemished record is Anthony, aka Cactus Jacks. He has an undefeated record of 5-0 going into week 6 of this long NBA season.  Gold level manager in yahoo fantasy sports is starting to show with a talented roster that he was able to draft up.

Anthony has a really stacked and versatile team. His front court is his strength in this particiular league. Anthony Davis is always a fantasy monster and this season has not been an exception. DeAndre Jordan and Nikola Vucevic are other notable bigs on his line up that have been double double monsters. 

Really well rounded team, his guards also include Jimmy Butler, and Chris Paul. A volume shooter who hits at a high percentage, and a future HOF point guard in Chris Paul. Its easy to see why Anthony has been able to keep his undefeated record. 

Basketball Never stops week 6 s tandings
Week 6 Standings

Long Season

Like I had mentioned prior we are just getting started in the season. Its a long one, and it will start to get very interesting once we have some injuries and managers are going to have to rely on using that new IR spot that we added. Also the waiver wire is going to be very active and trades will begin happening. We look forward to keeping up with the progress and experimenting with this new format


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