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This is unrelated  to the rest of the website, I just decided to blog some stuff about myself. I recently went to a football game with some buddies. Actually some great friends of mine that I have known since high school, freshman year. I consider them part of my family. My co worker also came in clutch and helped me buy some tickets. He had priority because he is a current season ticket holder. So he was also surprised that the game ended up here.

A week before the game there was speculation that the game could end up in Los Angeles, but nothing was set in stone. There was some drama over how the field in the Estadio Azteca in Mexico city was  completley destroyed from a prior event held there. Pretty crazy that NFL officials didn’t keep a closer eye on this, or do everything in their power to fix the field as it is. 

Lots of people not only bought tickets to go see the game, but also purchased non refundable air fare. Obviously they received a refund for their game tickets. However some viewers were left stranded watching the game at a view party. That sucks I would totally wanna just watch the game at my crib. I’m ranting now, but you get the idea, I wasn’t supposed to watch the game here in LA. Got lucky and the game landed in our lap.

Steve’s First football game

I ended up going to the game with Steve, Mario, Hery and Michael. Ponzo is a huge Rams fan so he got the last laugh, but I wasn’t even mad with the results of the game because of how exciting it was, and shit I got to watch my favorite team in action. Steve and I sat behind the goal in section 15 (just noticing  thats the jersey number i am wearing which is Mahomes lol) and the rest of the guys sat in section 17 i think, just to our left. This was Steve’s first football game, he is going to be pretty disappointed for future games if they dont turn out this exciting lol. 

We had a really nice angle to the game, since we sat behind the goal post we could see the plays develop from both angels. We also got to see the Chiefs drive back on our side which was awesome. Steve was wearing a Chiefs Marcus Peters Jersey and I wore a Patrick Mahomes  Jersey. He wore that jersey so he wouldnt get jumped lol. 

Capturing the moment

I dont remember what the score was, but we ended up meeting at half time to take a picture. We always have a really bad habit of going places or doing cool stuff and never taking pictures lol. Or at least I can say I never take pictures, just kind of live in the moment. The one thing that really sucks, and it seems stupid really but I cant drink much anymore so sharing cold one with the boys does not happen too often anymore. Like the good friends that they are they always make me feel part of the party. Hery used me for his advantage, grabbed him a $17 beer so he could drink a bit more ha ha. He already had bought two beers, god damn bro. The water was $7 and the peanuts $5, already saving money oh yea.

Hery, Michael(Ponzo), Javi, Mario, Steve(koko)

Fantasy! Shit forgot to talk about that. All the guys in here are also in 4th & Juan fantasy football league. Which is kind of how this whole website project came to be. The game was freaking awesome because a few of us had players in our fantasy squads playing. Steve had Mahomes and Kareem Hunt who both balled, and Cooks i think. I had Hill and the kicker whatever his name is. Not to sure who Ponzo and Hery had in this game if any. Joel had Gurley too but he was not able to tag along. 

Took a couple videos!

I took a couple of videos of the chiefs in scoring situations, it was so intense in person. One thing that Steve and I noticed is how much slower the game is in person, and I mean that in the best way possible. You can totally see the plays progress from that angle, and when the pass goes super deep down the field its way impressive vs watching it on television. When the Chiefs would score a touchdown you can feel the stadiums collective sigh. This stadium is massive and you can feel all the emotion from both sides.

One thing to note is that I thought Rams fans would be more obnoxious, however they were pleasant for the most part. You obviously got some people drinking and they say some dumb stuff and usually that just said out loud and not directed at any particular individual. Truth be told Matt my co worker which is awesome, was heckling and talking more shit than anyone lol. But we all enjoyed the game. You can feel the intensity of the stadium in the video below. The crowd was so loud that it would shake the camera and this was the best shot. It also shows what a great angle the seats really were.

When the Chiefs would score down the field you can really hear the fans cheer on and faintly hear the arrowhead chant. Kansas City rolls deep, this is the third game I have attended. In Los Angeles last year against the Chargers the stadium was mostly wearing red. Same story in Houston Texas last year, lots of Chiefs fans. When they won that shootout Guillermo got to hear all the loud ass fans doing the arrowhead chant.

Why the blog?

Lastly the reason i am starting a blog is that is a nice way to unwind and kinda journal. I’ve been trying to seek help with my stress since its been messing up my health. Recently I started seeing a therapist which I think before today I would almost be embarrassed to say. However, I think mental health is very important to our well being and balancing life. He suggested I exercise, and maybe writing or other things to exert my stress. I do plan on starting to work out since I’ve already loss some weight and I look forward to working on that. 

If you made it this far, I thank you for taking the time to read this and I’ll be posting more often, perhaps daily blurbs of how I’m feeling or stuff I feel as a father. If you know me, you know my kids are a big part of what makes me who I am, and my wife as well. That is a whole other post though. Drop a follow on this blog if you could and maybe even a like, thanks everyone 🙂

I am also going to link some recent articles relating to this night in case you wanna give it a read.

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