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Week 13 Recap

Week 12 was exciting for 4th & Juan, painting a clearer playoff picture.Most of the games were relatively close, with the exception of one blowout game. Any one player can make a major difference, timing , and a little luck can make or break your week. We are heading into a really exciting week 13. Below I’ll summarize some of the playoff hopefuls, spoilers and as the headline says our standings and week 13 matchups.

With the blowout victory over Steve in week 13, Armando is still  leading the way with a 10-2 record. Christian McCaffrey had a big game in the air and on the ground.  Rushing for 125 on 17 attempts with a touch down. With a perfect 11 catches on 11 targets in the air, netting him 112 yards and a touchdown. Steve is going into the stretch facing a win less Erick, needing every win to get back in the playoff picture. Having his starting QB in Mahomes back, and RB1 Hunt back in the stretch things look positive for Steve. Not having that duo resulted in a low scoring week.

One of the final three playoff spots heading into week 13 belong to 2016 champion Michael Ponzo with a 8-4 record. But he is facing Hery, who has had a major improvement since last years rookie season. Because he is actually checking his lineup. With the same record, Mario has the number three spot. The only thing separating Mario and Ponzo is the point differential. Mario is leading the league with a PF of 1167, which means he faces teams on their worst weeks. Javi wraps up the number four spot with a 7-5 record, and playing Mario.


4th & Juan, Week 13, playoff
4th & Juan Week 13 Standings


This upcoming week 13 has some really interesting match-ups, some people are still in the hunt and some are trying to be spoilers for others. Joel, Ricardo, Steve and Anthony all have a 6-6 record, two weeks left. But if any of the playoff contenders with the exception of Armando lose some games, and they can sneak back into the picture. Erick Michael, and Guillermo are the most likely to play the role of spoilers this week and knock some people completely out if they have solid weeks.

4th & Juan, week 13, playoff
4th & Juan week 13 matchups

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