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99 Problems but a swish aint  1

Fantasy basketball is now in week 7 and its been an interesting season with whats transpired with names such as Jimmy Butler, Kevin Durant and Draymond Green. Not to mention the Carmelo Anthony saga in Houston. But we are going to highlight some key matchups for this week, also will cover changes in standings. Week 6 is in the books, and we go into a young NBA season that has been pretty quiet this season. Perhaps its football overshadowing the NBA.


Team Indica did have some much movement from a week over week perspective. Armando fell from the number one spot all the way down tno number 4. We now have Ponzo the commissioner and previous champion leading the way. With a 47-26-5 record, he is number 2 overall. Second in that same division we have Mario, with the same record, tiebreaker being that Ponzo has a better record within that respected division.

In the Sativa Division of 99 problems, we have Eddie continuing his dominance of not only that division but the entire league. Going into week 7 he is number 1 in the league with an overall of 49-25-4. Second in the division and with 8 games behind the leader, we have Hery. Hery has a 40-31-7 record and is 5th overall in the league. 

Standings – Week 7

The rest of the league is still stacking up to be really competitive. the Indica league swings back in forth with the number one spot. Any given week it can go to any given player who has a solid week. Ponzo, Mario and Armando have been having solid seasons in the more competitive division of this fantasy basketball league. Even with being number 3 in the Sativa division, Anthony is a whole 8.5 GB from division leader Eddie.

Week 7, Standings, Fantasy Basketball, 99 Problems
99 Problems Week 7 Standings

The season is getting into motion now, lots of moves have been made in the waiver wire. Week over week we are seeing increases. Its easy to see the trend in what makes the top managers successful. Finding balance within the waiver wire has really helped managers like Mario and Ponzo obtain top spots in the Indica division. With 11 and 10 moves, its easy to see why Ponzo has been a multi champion, and Mario has had really great seasons in the past. Eddie also has 14 waiver wire moves. 


Heading into week 7 of the fantasy basketball season we have some matchups listed below. The way we have scoring in this league compared to the keepers league, a good week can swing your position in the standings drastically. I think that is what makes this league so exciting and unique, and keeps managers engaged. As long as you pay attention you really are never out of it.

week 7, matchups, 99 problems
99 Problems week 7 Matchups

Have a great fantasy basketball week. Thanks again for taking the time to read up on content relating to 99 problems but a swish aint 1. If you want to see previous week articles please use the side bar or click here.

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