About Us

Welcome everyone to Sports-Central.net. This website was launched more as a hobby and passion project. My goal is to provide content relating to fantasy sports, and sharing some of my insight, and personal strategies. Future goals are to incorporate as many different leagues as we can, with different authors providing strategy, insight and opinions.

I will personally start adding more content. Some of the things I’ll write about will include what I do when I setup a fantasy league. Such as items required, communication with players involved, materials checklist etc.

For the most part we will be focusing on fantasy football, fantasy basketball, and hopefully with enough participation we will have someone running a fantasy baseball league in the future. The leagues we use are NFL/NBA/MLB, and the websites are ESPN.com , Yahoo.com. I’ll drop some links at the bottom of this post with links to download the applications.

With time I hope we can make this a great community, with everyone participating.

Please take the time to register in the forums, so you can post and participate with the community via this blog, on our forums, and purchase items in the shop.

Thanks again

Javier Perez

Site Admin