Jimmy Butler Traded to PHI

Blockbuster trade between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Philadelphia 76ers. Butler made it evident he did not want to be there and he was not going to resign. The Minnesota front office did a great job securing solid pieces and draft pics. Not bad since Jimmy was pretty much going to be a rental at Continue Reading


NBA Injury Report – 11/10/18

Injury Report Hey everyone, just posting a quick update for injuries around the NBA, in regards to the injury report.. You can always check your apps to see whats going on and more in depth review. I’ll be posting these weekly or possibly more frequently if time permits. This way I can keep you informed Continue Reading

Dez Bryant Out

Dez Bryant Looks like Dez Bryant season is over before he even took a in game snap. Sad to see this form such an elite player, who had so much upside if they had the right coaching around him. Saints reportedly fear Dez Bryant suffered torn Achilles Looks like he should of just stayed home, Continue Reading

Week 8 Recap

Its been an exciting season to say the least, competitive and engaging. 4th & Juan is on year number 3 and running smoothly. We are getting pretty deep into the season and the standing are starting to shake up a bit. Fantasy Football! The standings are looking a bit more diversified compared to last year. Continue Reading

Fantasy Football Check List

I know I am late on this since the season is clearly underway. However I wanted to get this started early, so I can build on this list for next years draft. I’ve been running a fantasy football league since about 2013. I’ve had different names, players, failures, and lots of frustration. I’ll talk about Continue Reading

Welcome to Sports-Central.net

Welcome everyone to Sports-Central.net. This website was launched more as a hobby and passion project. My goal is to provide content relating to fantasy sports, and sharing some of my insight, and personal strategies. Future goals are to incorporate as many different leagues as we can, with different authors providing strategy, insight and opinions. I Continue Reading