Current leagues we are running, football and basketball. To find out more information the the leagues that we are running please click on the logo itself. Within the links there will be breakdown of the previous champions, their records, and a link to the actual fantasy website with records. The website is still under development. I plan to incorporate some pictures of the previous champions along with the trophy/ring that we provide. We are always looking to add additional leagues, and authors that want to provide content on their leagues. If you wish to, please visit out contact page, or email the admin directly by clicking here.

4th & Juan

4th & juan
4th & Juan 2018 FF Logo

Currently in its 3rd season, 4th & Juan was founded in 2015. Started off as a 10 manager team. Popular league , now has 12 teams with a waiting list. League does include prizes throughout the year and the champion gets a ring and rotates a league belt. Click on the logo to get additional information regarding 4th & Juan fantasy football league.

99 Problems But A Swish aint 1

99 problems
99 Problems but a swish aint 1 ; 2018 logo

Flagship fantasy basketball league, 99 Problems but a swish aint 1 is a highly competitive league. Features a payout at end of season for champion. For additional information and league history please click on the logo above.

Basketball Never Stops

Basketball never stops
Basketball Never Stops 2018 logo

Fantasy basketball league in the first season, Founded in 2018 this league is a little different from what we have done in the past. This is a keepers league, meaning you can keep one of your players and carry them over to the next year. This includes trading draft picks.

League Interest

If you are interested in having your league on our website, please contact admin at javier@sports-central.net.

We can provide your league with its own member section, forum, group settings. We will make a page showing league history, attach social media feed if your league has a social media page.  You can also author and post different stories relating to your league and share it on social media as well.